1) “Forever” (Christopher Seppe, Mara Beckerman)
2) “Quartet Agonistes” (Lynn Eldredge, Jeff Keller, Mara Beckerman, Jeff Keller)
3) “The Circus of Voices” (Mara Beckerman, Lynn Eldredge, Jeff Keller, Merle Louise, Michael McCormick, Polly Pen)
4) “A-Weaving” (Mara Beckerman)
5) “Liverpool Sunset” (Mara Beckerman, Lynn Eldredge, Jeff Keller, Merle Louise, Michael McCormick, Polly Pen, Christopher Seppe, Timothy Landfield)
6) “Bubbles in Me Bonnet” (Merle Louise)
7) “It Could Only Happen in the Theatre” (Polly Pen, Merle Louise, Michael McCormick, Timothy Landfield)
8) “Vegetable Reggie” (Michael McCormick)
9) “Lonely Canary” (Mara Beckerman)
10) “Vegetable Reggie” (VIDEO: Michael Colby)



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Libretto: Michael Colby
Music: Gerald Jay Markoe
Lyrics: Michael Colby
Production Requirements: 4 f, 4 m, unit set
Theatrical Rights:
Publisher’s Scripts:
Set in Victorian England, CHARLOTTE SWEET spotlights Charlotte, a girl with one of the highest & most beautiful soprano voices in the world. Because of her father’s debts, she is forced to leave Ludlow Ladd (her Liverpool sweetheart) and join Barnaby Bugaboo’s Circus of Voices: a troupe of freak voices including low-voiced Katinka Bugaboo, fast-voiced Harry Host, bubble-voiced Cecily Macintosh, and Skitzy Scofield (with dual personalities & voices). Becoming the troupe’s biggest sensation, Charlotte is mercilessly exploited by Barnaby until she has a vocal breakdown. Thereupon, Barnaby & his wife Katinka addict Charlotte to helium balloons in order to maintain her high notes. Only Ludlow Ladd can rescue her—in a scene full of surprises.


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3 Drama Desk Nominations: “Outstanding Lyrics” (Michael Colby)

“Outstanding Music” (Gerald Jay Markoe)

“Outstanding Actress/Musical” (Mara Beckerman)

“It’s as if the Crummles from ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ stumbled onto the set of ‘Sweeney Todd.’ Mixes the adorable and the strange, and it is delectable. The glory is Mr. Colby’s lyrics.” – John Corry, NY Times

“Witty & endlessly inventive lyrics. Daffy dilly of a musical.”-Marilyn Stasio, NY Post

“Your bon-bon for the season. Delightfully zany.” – Don Nelsen, NY Daily News

“Head over heels above almost anything else around.” – Max Preeo, Show Music

“Delightful, original, totally charming.” – John Madden, Variety

“A sweetheart of a musical evening in the theatre.” – Mary Campbell, A.P.

“A lovely piece of work. Clever, resourceful combination of book and lyrics. Might well be a good bet on Broadway.” – Leonard Harris, The Hollywood Reporter

“Bewitched the critics.” – Earl Wilson, NY Post

“An especially literate, tuneful, and unusual show. An amalgam of musical comedy, music hall, opera, operetta, and melodrama. Outrageously funny.” – Richard Traubner, author of “Operetta: A Theatrical History”

“A unique show, bitterly lovely, dancey as a calliope, elegant. The score never runs out of tunes and inventions. The show would make a splendid video. Any takers?” – Ethan Mordden, musical theater historian

“I loved the show. Some of those songs are classic theatre pieces—I think they’ll be around for a long time.” – Leonard Cohen, singer-songwriter

“The most ambitious musical since ‘The Most Happy Fella’. It succeeds brilliantly. What we’ve been waiting for since ‘The Black Crook’.” – Patrick O’Connor, Hollywood Entertainment Network