1) “Moody Moorland Moon” [from HAPPY HAUNTING] (music: Gerald Jay Markoe; sung by Mara Beckerman, Ray DeMattis, Lynn Eldredge, Jeff Keller, Terry Rakov, Christopher Seppe, Marcie Shaw, Doug Voet)

2) “The Cemetery Social Set” [from WHERE THERE’S A WILL; old recording] (music: Douglas Colby; sung by Douglas & Michael Colby, Leslie Sank)

3) “The Odd Ode” [from ANOTHER TIME] (music: Gerald Jay Markoe; sung by Maria Karnilova and Carolyn Mignini, with John Barone, Ken Marchinko, Maida Horn, Sel Vitella)

4) “Toot Suite” [comic whistling number] (music: Steven Silverstein; sung by Marian Steiner, James Marino)

5) “Where Can I Go?” [mishap song] (music: Peter Millrose; sung by Janet Metz)

6) “Nashville” [from ON WITH THE SHOW] (music: Mary Feinsinger; sung by Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Mary Feinsinger, Teddy Williams)

7) “Shalom Y’All” (music: Ned Paul Ginsburg; sung by Sandy Rosenberg & Michael Colby)