1) “The Theatre Will Survive” (music: Ned Paul Ginsburg; all-star cast)

2) “Civility” (music: Steven Silverstein; sung by TADA! Youth Theater (Kayla Claudio, Kiyo Garcia, Angela George, Zane Gerson, Subiya Mboya)

3) “I Just Know” (music: Sheldon Levin; sung by Maureen Taylor; pianist: Matt Castle)

4) “You Judge” (music: Kenneth Alexander-Faulkner; sung/played by Billy Stritch)

5) “Be There” (music: Steven Silverstein; sung by Ken Prymus; pianist: Michael Lavine)

6) “How Do You Make Magic” (music: Jack Urbont; sung by Audrey Lavine; pianist: Ross Patterson)

7) “Better Late Than Never” (music: Jack Urbont; sung by Michael Colby)

8) “I Can Sing” (music: Paul Katz; sung by Klea Blackhurst & Christine Pedi; pianist: Michael Lavine)

9) “Old Father Time” (music: Ned Paul Ginsburg; sung by Michael Colby)

10) “Who Needs Romance?” (music: Steven Silverstein; sung by Audrey Lavine; pianists: Ross Peterson)

11) “That’ll Be Enough” (music: Joseph Thalken; sung by Carole Demas; pianist: Tracy Stark)

12) ”The Four Divos”  from the “Male Edition” of the series TIMELESS DIVAS (produced by Sandi Durell, Shari Upbin). Music/Musical Direction: Steven Silverstein; Narration/Lyric: Michael Colby. With Hosts Tony Randall & Ben Vereen, and “The Four Divos” (John DeMarco, Jeff Keller, Ken Prymus & Larry Raikin).

13) “The Boogeyman Boogie” (music: Ed Alstrom; arrangement: D. Jay Bradley; sung by Audrey Lavine & Michael Colby; pianist: Ross Peterson)

14) “Be Grateful” (music: Jack Urbont; sung by Michael Colby)